Nattens Anastasia

Lodor Beti RWD 18
Llanarth Rhun WSB 18219
Llanarth Rhiangel WSB 31222
Broughton Replica RWD 13
Derwen Replica WSB 20465
Hendrewen Rosealee WSB 74333
Hendrewen Rosie WSB 58513
Burhults Black Commence RWD 4
Vallas Caracas RWD 11
Taircross Sorrel RWD 21
Vallas Ida RWD 74
Capston Comet WSB 6656
Lodor Beti RWD 18
Pantanamlwg Fairy WSB 22370

2011-07-09 Finland =
Quite a sweet head and eye, little bit short under the neck, shoulder slightly upright too short in the quarters and tailset too low, lacks bone Narrow in movement, adequate mover
Domare:Mrs Marie-Clare Nimmo

2011-08-13 Finland, Nat show =guld res Junior Champion
Attractive filly, extravagant action
Domare:Mrs Wendy Burt